“Who could know that this would be such a valuable team building experience? It had more impact than a ropes course or any previous team training I have done.”


Are you looking to develop mindful,  emotionally intelligent communication amongst  co-workers, or with the public? Looking to create a more collaborative, trusting and humor-full environment in a working group? Are stress and tensions creating roadblocks in the working environment ?

Moshe has worked with sales managers from Comcast (Silverlight), bridged the gap between a non-profit’s staff and board of directors , offered  team building to new creative projects teams, humor-your-human trainings to medical teams,  peer counseling and social worker groups.

“So your work is still working. Very powerful stuff. Thank you!”

A few of the ways humor can help:

  • to break-through and resolve common tensions
  • improve communication and personal interface
  • cohesive team building
  • to release stress
  • to apply Rule #6
  • empower  positive collaborative working environments
  • enhance sales and customer relations skills and performance

Trainings to Meet Your Needs

Moshe develops trainings to meet organizations needs. Moshe has worked with managerial teams, sales groups,  creative teams,  non-profit staffs, board of directors, groups of teachers and social workers. He customizes trainings according to needs and desired outcomes. Trainings range in length from 2 hour sessions to 3 day workshops. Moshe works on location.  He occasionally works with smaller groups in his home studio in San Francisco. To have a conversation, please contact Moshe here.

“Any practice or activity that supports reflection over reactivity, encourages feeling feelings rather than acting on them, and opens awareness to what is really going on is of benefit. Slow down, notice, and savor is a great way to build mental wealth no matter where or how. It just is. All mindfulness really is good mindfulness.”  Forbes Magazine

“Very memorable, very useful, very inspiring.”


Taking humor seriously enables people to not take themselves so seriously.   Developing mindfulness is increasingly recognized as a strong positive in the workplace. Mindful humor places awareness and listening not just on the individual, but on relating to those around them. This enhances common goals in an atmosphere of well being and lightheartedness.

Recognizing tensions, we often turn to humor to lighten the load, to release the stress.  As a friend of mine, Wavy Gravy, likes to say “laughter is the valve on the pressure cooker of life, and if you don’t laugh, the beans may splatter on the ceiling”. Unfortunately, all too often, the humor expressed is reactive instead of responsive, doing nothing to improve the atmosphere. Rather than making fun of, positive humor is about sharing the funny with others to uplift the whole.